Kojima totally dodges question about replacing Hayter as Snake

By Phil Owen, Sunday, 22 September 2013 01:29 GMT

Game Informah had a chat with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima at TGS, and a lot of what he has to say are things we’ve heard before. They did, thankfully, ask him what he thinks of Hayter’s rather bitter reaction to being supplanted in favor of Kiefer Sutherland. His answer is… surprising.

First, Kojima explained the process they’re using for Sutherland in MGS 5:

“At this time it has been rather difficult because with Keifer we’re doing facial capture and voice capture, and the recording has been rather difficult. This is because we already have the motion capture from another actor and into that we’re putting the facial acting and the voice acting. So he has to make all these facial changes and motion without moving and we’ve been handing Keifer quite a challenging task.”

The next part of the Q&A as published by Game Informer went like this:

David Hayter has publicly commented that he’s upset for being passed over as the voice of Snake for the new game. What’s your reaction to this?

For this game, I wanted to have the full motion capture and full performance capture, however I realized I would have to be in Los Angeles for about a year, which was impossible given the agenda to create the rest of the game. So the motion capture was done with an actor here in Japan and the rest of facial capture and voice performance has been capture in Los Angeles in the U.S. with Keifer [Sutherland]. However if there is another Metal Gear, I’m not sure if I’m going to be in charge of it or not, it’s going to be probably be 3D capture, meaning it will be the whole thing with one person. It would be impossible by then to have one actor only for voice and another actor for the rest of the elements, so in that way I think it was also a good opportunity to make a shift for this character.

Basically, he’s saying they made the change because of technical issues they have on this game even with Sutherland. Also, he doesn’t answer the question, which was about his thoughts on Hayter being mad. This could be a translator error. Or it could be a hardcore dodge.

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