Agarest: Generations of War pre-purchase now open on Steam at 20% off, bonuses inside

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 17 September 2013 09:49 GMT

Agarest: Generations of War co-developers Idea Factory, Red Entertainment and Compile Heart have launched Steam pre-purchasing for the action-RPG. Get in before it launches on October 3 and get 20% off the asking price, along with some DLC.

You’ll find the game’s Steam hub here, along with a trailer and some screens.

Order before the game launches and you’ll also get a DLC bundle with the following packs included:

  • Upgrade Pack 1
  • Upgrade Pack 2
  • Dull-Things Pack
  • Fallen Angel Pack
  • Magic Fighter Pack
  • Legendary Monster Pack
  • Basic Adventure Pack

Check out the game above and let us know what you think. To me it looks like a spin on the Disgaea format, which is no bad thing by any stretch.

Via Polygon.

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