Pokemon X and Y each get their own Mewtwo Mega-Evolution

By Ewan Miller, Friday, 13 September 2013 07:22 GMT

In Game Freak’s continuing quest to update my childhood in the hope of recapturing the magic of being five, Pokemon X and Y are set to each feature their own evolution of Mewtwo, both of which seem to be confusingly but directly named Mega Mewtwo. Thank god for the nickname fuction. Figure out which one you fancy below the cut.

Assuming this post formats properly, the one on the left should be the Mega Mewtwo from Pokemon X, with the upturned tail. He’s a Fighting/Psychic type, which pretty much invalidates the most common way of countering a psychic pokemon: using a normal type. No-one seems to know what’s up with the Y Mewtwo, who ditches the tail in return for Jesse-esque hair.

Look forward to hassling someone into trading you whichever one you don’t get on October 12.

Thanks to Siliconera, and thanks to all of you who’ve put up with my writing and typos this week. Your regularly scheduled Brenna Hillier returns next week.

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