GTA 5: all the big headlines, all the trailers & screens, everything here

By Dave Cook, Friday, 13 September 2013 08:42 GMT

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out next week, like, it’s actually happening. VG247’s Dave Cook re-caps all of the big GTA 5 details, news, trailers, screens and more ahead of the big day.

Well, well. I’m guessing it’s been an agonising few years waiting for Rockstar North to drop GTA 5? But fear not ye faithful for the Auto-bomb is about to drop on September 17. Before then however, I thought it’d be neat to collate all of the big headlines and asset drops during that time into one feed, to give you everything at a glance. You guys seemed to enjoy my Metal Gear Solid 5 feed, so I figured, why the hell not?

Let’s crack on shall we?

13/09/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots show lovely vistas, vehicles, motorcycle shootout. Blaine County video
Grand Theft Auto 5 has been given another batch of screenshots and a commercial for Blaine County.

13/09/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-load option on European PSN delayed until September 15
Grand Theft Auto 5 can now be downloaded on Sunday, September 15 in Europe on PSN, Sony and Rockstar have both stated on Twitter.

12/09/13: GTA 5 Lifeinvader site goes live, reveals new Legendary Motorsport vehicle images
Grand Theft Auto 5 has received a new Lifeinvader spoof site for car manufacturer Legendary Motorsport. The page houses some new in-game images of the sports cars in action.

12/09/13: Someone is Vine-ing the hell out of GTA 5 gameplay – spoilers
Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t out until September 17, yet someone is posting a shed-load of gameplay clips on their Vine channel. MAJOR SPOILERS.

11/09/13: GTA 5 character research was “eye-openingly depressing”, says Houser
Grand Theft Auto 5′s character research was spread over 100 days and saw Rockstar staff conversing with FBI-agents, former Mafia members and some “eye-openingly depressing” experiences out in the sticks, according to Dan Houser.

12/09/13: GTA Online detailed, has over 500 missions, ideas for it in the works since GTA 3
Grand Theft Auto Online details have been posted in the October issue of Game Informer magazine via a six page hands-on preview.

10/09/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 map released after initial image leaks from Brady Games guide – report
Grand Theft Auto 5′s map has been released into the wild. Earlier today, the game’s map popped up on Reddit after it was scanned from the Brady Games guide.

09/09/13: GTA 5: poster campaign reveals new characters, photo inside
Grand Theft Auto 5 has received a new batch of posters depicting several new character. Check out a photo here.

09/09/13: GTA 5 most expensive game in history, cost £170 million to make & market
Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most expensive game in history with total development and marketing spend hitting £170 million.

06/09/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 “feels next-gen” to Rockstar, says firm
Grand Theft Auto 5 may not be releasing on next-gen consoles but the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions feel next-gen to Rockstar.

06/09/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 shots show off more of the game, video shows commercials
Rockstar has posted new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5 showing off the police, the private security firms and more personal fitness options in the game. the website also provides previews for the radio stations and trailers for various TV programs in the game. The game is out on September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360. New screenshots and commercials are below.

04/09/13: GTA 5 vocal cast includes real gang members
Rockstar brought in real gang members – some fresh out of prison – to voice Grand Theft Auto 5′s extras, and even asked them to rewrite part of the script.

02/09/13: GTA 5 original score lasts over 20 hours, Rockstar posts radio samplers on SoundCloud
Grand Theft Auto 5 had something of a soundtrack reveal over on Rolling Stone last week. Now Rockstar has sent us some SoundCloud embeds of the game’s radio stations, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Check it out here

29/08/13: GTA 5′s soundtrack holds 240 songs, 15 radio stations: audio previews online now
Grand Theft Auto 5′s soundtrack is made up of 240 tracks spread across 15 radio stations and two talk stations. Rockstar has released some audio samplers of the stations for you to check out. Prepare your ears for some open world sound-candy.

29/08/13: GTA 5 adds Rockstar Social Club Crews Hierarchies
Rockstar has made changes to its Social Club Crews system, something that will surely come in handy when Grand Theft Auto 5 – and multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online – drop next month.

23/08/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 area attractions updated, new screenshots released
Grand Theft Auto 5′s Los Santos and Blaine County travel and leisure destinations have been updated through the game’s interactive travelogue. Be sure to pay special attention to the yoga shots and descriptions. It’s worth it. Rockstar also released a new set if eight screenshots which you will find below. There’s also a couple bits of wallpaper below for Trevor and GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17 while GTA Online launches October 1.

19/08/13: New GTA 5 video shows in-game garage, car customization
A new Grand Theft Auto 5 video has emerged, showcasing a few of the highly anticipated game’s cars as well as giving you a sneak peak of the place where you will be able to customize them.

17/08/13: Here is Grand Theft Auto 5′s achievements list
Xbox360Achievements, as they do, has apparently obtained the list of achievements for Grand Theft Auto 5. Nothing spoilery out of context, I don’t think, but I am intrigued that GTA Online’s achievements are included under the GTA 5 banner. I guess GTAO is more a part of GTA 5 than Leslie Benzies says, at least at this stage. Full list inside.

16/08/13: GTA Online deathmatch & race creator available at launch, more to follow says Rockstar
GTA Online will launch on October 1 with the option to create custom deathmatches and races, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has confirmed. However, these are just the start of the game’s creative elements.

16/09/13: GTA Online screens show heist masks, vehicle crews & garages
GTA Online was unveiled on this day, and we got the first batch of screens right here.

16/08/13: GTA Online gets debut trailer, watch it in full here
GTA Online’s debut trailer has dropped. Watch it in all its online glory here.

16/08/13: GTA Online launches October 1, 16-players confirmed, trailer here
Grand Theft Auto Online will launch October 1st and will ship with GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360. get the first details and trailer here.

14/08/13: GTA 5 gets five more new screens, mind the pollution
Grand Theft Auto 5 has received five more screens following yesterday’s big screen dump. They show Trevor wielding a shotgun, a thick blanket of smog over Los Santos and a dockland area.

14/08/13: GTA 5: San Andreas governer campaign videos reveal both candidates, are hilarious
Grand Theft Auto 5 has received two governer campaign videos revealing both of the game’s candidates. The question is, would you vote for Jock Cranley or Sue Murray? Decide below.

14/08/13: GTA 5: Los Santos & Blaine County area attractions detailed, new screens
Grand Theft Auto 5′s main areas of Los Santos and Blaine County have been detailed in a new interactive travelogue from Rockstar Games. Find out what you can get up to and who you can meet in the game here.

13/08/13: GTA 5 DLC confirmed as Rockstar issues region-lock warning
Grand Theft Auto 5 will receive DLC, but Rockstar Games has warned gamers who are thinking about importing the title that additional content bought in one region will not work with a copy of the game bought in another.

30/07/13: GTA 5 gun combat compared to Max Payne 3 in side-by-side video
Grand Theft Auto 5′s gun combat seems to have taken a leaf out of Max Payne 3′s blood-soaked book. An intrepid YouTuber has compared footage from both games to try and show the similarities. Watch it here.

30/07/13: GTA 5: new screens show Love Fist tops, base-jumping, attack choppers & more
GTA 5 has received a new batch of screens that show some pretty insane stuff. Happy Monday everyone!

10/07/13: GTA 5 gameplay video released – watch it here
GTA 5′s first public gameplay reveal is live. Titled “An Introduction to Grand Theft Auto 5,” this is the first official gameplay video to the latest game in the critically acclaimed series. Enjoy it below.

09/07/13: GTA 5 contains over 1,000 vehicular modifications
Grand Theft Auto 5′s producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar has said the game will contain over 1,000 modifications for your cars and motorbikes in the game.

12/06/13: GTA 5 screens show off various activities
Rockstar has released a set for GTA 5 screenshots which were part of the bundle news for PS3 announced last night. Look below.

15/06/13: New GTA 5 screens show muscle cars, and some grand theft auto
Rockstar has released four new GTA 5 shots showing some more scuba diving, some dirt biking, Trevor in a muscle car, and Franklin breaking into one. Enjoy below. GTA 5 will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 September 17.

09/05/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 screens are heavy on vehicles
This fresh batch of a dozen Grand Theft Auto 5 screens are full of different ways to get around San Andreas – in cars, underwater, by parachute, on a motorcycle or even run and gun. Okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch; writing headlines isn’t easy, you know.

04/05/13: GTA 5 – more screenshots released to the masses
GTA 5 shots have been released by Rockstar, and we have them below. Most were released yesterday, but they were watermarked so we didn’t grab them. There’s even one below which Nintendo would severely frown upon. Grand Theft Auto 5 is due on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September.

02/05/13: GTA 5 art introduces a swathe of characters
Most games are promoted with screenshots, but then again, most games aren’t Grand Theft Auto 5.

02/05/13: GTA 5 trailers for Franklin, Michael and Trevor released
GTA 5 trailers have landed, as promised last week, focusing on the three main protagonists in the game: Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

16/04/13: Grand Theft Auto 5 artworks demonstrate cash and carry
Rockstar has released two new pieces of Grand Theft Auto 5 art, showing off the franchise’s signature style. One shows a jetski and the other a motorbike; the pair are together titled Cash and Carry.

07/04/13: GTA 5: new screens show sky-diving, mini-guns & more
GTA 5 has received a new batch of screens courtesy of Rockstar North. The pics show mini-guns, sky-diving, deep sea exploration, and much more. It’s looking rather lovely.

07/04/13: GTA 5: full cover art revealed, check it out here
GTA 5 has received its final digital cover art courtesy of Rockstar Games. Check it out here.

17/11/12: GTA 5 – two more screenshots released
Two GTA 5 screens have been released over on the official Facebook page for Xbox. You can add these to your mental collection of screenshots alongside the ones posted earlier this week.

15/11/13: GTA 5 gets three new screens: see every reveal image here
Grand Theft Auto 5 just received a second trailer. You might have heard. Rockstar has just released every screen from its recent gameplay reveal coverage so far in glorious HD, along with three new shots that show off beach markets, quad biking and a stunning viewpoint. Get them all below.

15/11/12: GTA 5 trailer #2 is go: watch it here now
Grand Theft Auto what? Never heard of it. If, for some odd reason, you want to watch GTA 5′s second trailer, you sort of now can. In here.

02/11/12: GTA 5 promotional art released in glorious HD
GTA 5′s promotional posters and pre-order bonuses have been leaking out of retail for a few days now, but forget squinting at sneaky photos snapped by retailers – here’s two enormous artworks.

24/08/13: GTA 5 screenshots show police, helicopters, man hanging onto semi
GTA 5 was gifted with more screenshots today by Rockstar. The firm has graced the masses with 10 screenshots this week. Rockstar has promised more Grand Theft Auto 5 content will arrive in the next few weeks, but failed to say what we can expect. The game has not been given a release date yet.

22/08/12: GTA 5 screens show tennis, other leisure activities
GTA 5 is the recipient of another new set of screenshots, courtesy of Rockstar. A few of these were posted the other day, but we’ve tossed them in with the rest anyway.

20/08/13: GTA 5 screens show cycling, fighter jets and sports cars
GTA 5 gets new screens and they’re good. Fighter jets, sports cars and a man’s cycling bum are the order of the day.

12/07/12: Amazing – Rockstar releases two GTA V screenshots
The title says it all really. Hit up the break for a look.

And finally, here’s the trailer that started it all.

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