PrioVR is a full body VR Kit on Kickstarter that works alongside the Oculus Rift, “8x faster than Kinect”

By Ewan Miller, Tuesday, 10 September 2013 01:13 GMT

One of the odd things about using an Oculus Rift is the disconnect between the very immediate and naturalistic input of head tracking and the abstraction of hitting A to jump. A new Kickstarter by Yei Technology is setting out to remedy this problem by making a full body harness that’s bristling with sensors, to translate your full body movements into virtual environments.

Yei Technologies have set their sights at $225,000 dollars to get the Kickstarter off the ground, ~$40,000 of which they’ve made after about a week. The sensor suit is being made in two models for the Kickstarter, a lite version with 11 sensors and a pro version with 17, which will set you back $450 and $650 dollars respectively. Not cheap, even compared to the Oculus Rift, however unlike the Rift, both versions of the sensor suits are completely wireless.

At least, aside from the wires covering your body. The sensors each contain a magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, a combination the developers claim is up to 8x faster than optical solutions like the Kinect or PSEye. It’s unsure if they’re referring to the Kinect 1 or 2 here, or simply all IR based solutions.

While there aren’t any demos of the sensors working with any existing games as of yet, the team have rigged up a demo in UDK which facilitates full body capture, which is certainly impressive to watch. I can’t imagine it’ll be easy to adapt traditional action games to a system like, it’d likely only work with games built from the ground up to utilise something which will have a pretty small install base.

Thanks IGN.

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