Call of Duty Ghosts: quick-scoping may be gone completely, says Rubin

By Dave Cook, Monday, 9 September 2013 15:32 GMT

Call of Duty: Ghosts may not included quick-scoping, according to Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin. That’s either a huge relief or reason for concern, depending on which side of the one-shot fence you sit.

Speaking on Twitter at the weekend, Rubin penned a statement on the matter to fans:

Update/Clarification regarding Sniper Rifles:

One of the areas that is getting lot of love in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the Sniper Rifle. By creating the Marksman class we were able to focus the Sniper class on really powerful high-caliber weapon systems. We feel, and many of the pro players who have played would agree, that sniping has never been better.

The changes we’ve made, like dual render scopes and increased damage really make snipers a great competitive class to use. We’ve also done a lot with map design (sight lines and cover) to ensure that all classes are viably effective. Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.

However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional “quick-scoping” has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was. Can’t wait for you snipers out there to get your hands on these new sniper rifles and try them out for yourselves.

See you in game!

Personally, sniper rifles are powerful because they demand skill at long range. That’s where the balancing kicks in. Using a sniper rifle to the same effect at point blank range is a balance-breaker in my book, but then again everyone’s different so there’s no right or wrong answers here.

That said, what do you feel about the possibility of quick-scoping disappearing? Let us know below.

Via MP1st.

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