Xbox One SmartGlass performance improved, can support up to 16 devices simultaneously

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 6 September 2013 17:28 GMT

Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessner, who leads the engineering team developing the new SmartGlass, has outlined some of the changes and mainstays with the new system now that Xbox One is coming out in November.

According to the post, Xbox One communicates directly with the device in which SmartGlass is installed instead of through a server which makes it three and a half times faster than the previous version on Xbox 360.

Granted, users will have to download the new SmartGlass app, the app is free and Xbox One can support up to 16 devices simultaneously.

Some games will contain exclusive SmartGlass missions and features and some will also make use of Game Help, which is like it sounds.

“During gameplay, SmartGlass follows your progress and knows exactly where you’re at and where you’re having trouble, so that when you hit the Help button you’ll be given the tips you need,” said Pessner who also mentioned in the post that – eventually – SmartGlass will be able to be used a separate controller for Xbox One.

“We’re seeing developers come up with creative ways to use SmartGlass for new modes of game play,” he continued. “Compared to Xbox 360, we’ve greatly improved the performance and decreased latencies between the console and your SmartGlass device. Because of this, we’re seeing scenarios where SmartGlass can be used for methods of game control with Xbox One.

“Additionally, because Xbox One is built on the same foundations as Windows 8, we’ve taken all the work that’s been done discovering how touch behaves in Windows 8 and naturally extended it for SmartGlass scenarios. This results in a much better experience when using SmartGlass as a controller. But it has to be the right fit for the right game to use SmartGlass as a dedicated controller.

“You can imagine the possibilities where a personal second screen would be really valuable, like play-calling in a football game.”

Xbox One is out November 22 and SmartGlass will be made available on Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices.

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