Total War: Rome 2 – Patch 1 is out today

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 6 September 2013 17:43 GMT

Total War: Rome 2’s update promised earlier this week from The Creative Assembly is now available.

It fixes technical issues “2% of Rome 2 players reported”. The firm said the issues demoted a “a minority of cases but it’s a minority we remain very unhappy about and are doing all we can to get them in-game as fast as possible.”

A series of patches will hit weekly for the immediate future. Patch 1 is out today and fixes include adjustments to performance for certain set-ups that will improve frame rates and DX10 issues. More details through here.

“To these people we are really very sorry that you are having problems, we really want to get you enjoying our game,” noted creative director Mike Simpson. “Rome 2 is a big and complex game and, especially on PC, we are always conscious of the wide variety of different combinations of hardware out there and, while we do test extensively before launch, it is clear that we have failed some of you and we will look at the way in which launch games in the future.

“Again, I know this is scant comfort to you if you have a set-up that is not performing well, but we do intend to fix your specific problem–whoever you are and whatever it is–as soon as we can.”

Patch 2 is already in internal testing, and is expected to be publicly available as a beta on Monday, September 9.

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Total War: Rome 2 Patch

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