Project Eternity update details stronghold benefits and bonuses

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 5 September 2013 01:46 GMT

Obsidian’s Project Eternity will include a stronghold mechanic through which players can maintain and upgrade a base of their own.

Although the design is subject to change, at present strongholds will become available before the end of the first act, according to a recent Kickstarter update. It starts off quite ruinous, but can be upgraded, which offers new opportunities for adventure.

Obtaining and upgrading a stronghold provides five key bonuses. Resting will provide skill and attribute boosts depending on what upgrades you have purchased, and party members left at strongholds will go on their own adventures, scoring XP, loot and reputation bonuses. Some upgrades provide crafting ingredients, for example Botanical Gardens provide various plants. Visitors to the stronghold may have exclusive items for sale or trade. Finally, the lands around the stronghold will pay a tax, generating income dependent on your prestige level.

Whether you are in residence or not, there is a chance of a random event at the stronghold. Visitors are the most common event, but there’s also a risk of attacks. Players will be warned and can return to the stronghold to help defend, or just wait for the result – which could mean dead hirelings, destroyed upgrades, and stolen money if your security is too low.

Upgrading the security of your stronghold reduces the likelihood of negative random events, and although many upgrades are expensive and time-consuming to build, construction continues even in your absence. You can pay hirelings to increase the prestige and security of your stronghold.

If you have a prison in your stronghold, you will be offered the chance to capture enemy NPCs; you can chat with them and maybe use them “as leverage” later in the game.

Project Eternity was crowdfunded and is expected on Linux, Mac and PC in the second quarter of 2014.

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