Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising update and looking for group tool coming September 17

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 4 September 2013 15:40 GMT

Guild Wars 2’s next update will be called Tequatl Rising and it will overhaul the open-world boss battle, add new phases and attack patterns, according to an early preview given to PAX attendees by ArenaNet.

In the boss battle, Tequatl will be able to summon a protective Bone Wall which makes him immune to attacks. A knockback move and other crowd control effects will also be implemented by him, and he can also perform an “event phase” during the fight which tasks players with defending the mega-cannon batteries.

The update will also include a looking fro group tool so that players can find others to explore with across all modes of the game. It will also work cross-server, but is region specific. Groups will also be able to merge together.

Tequatl Rising is due September 17.

Via:, PC Gamer.

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