Wolfenstein: The New Order gameplay footage and video interview inside

By Dave Cook, Monday, 2 September 2013 16:46 GMT

Wolfenstein: The New Order was shown at gamescom last month. VG247’s Sam Clay has served up a piping hot dish of gameplay video for you to digest with your eyes. Be careful to blow on it first.

In the clip, you’ll see lots of guns and Nazis but what you won’t get is a proper feel for is just how satisfying this game is to hold in your hands. Both Sam and I played it at the show and while my write-up and interview is coming much later, I can safely say this is a huge leap in quality over the previous Wolfenstein.

The gunplay is chunky as hell – especially when dual wielding a pair of freaking assault rifles – and there’s a nice level of surface destruction. For example, if a Nazi takes cover behind a wooden table you can simply evaporate it with bullets so he has nowhere to hide. It looked lovely running on PC.

It also has Fergus, the best Scottish character in a game ever. Period. I almost lost my shit when he called one rookie soldier a “wee roaster” and then later on a “doss tool.” That’s pretty common chat from my neck of the woods.

Anyways, yes, the game is violent, slick, brimming with secrets, and dark as all hell, but I’ll let Sam’s video do the talking now. Be sure to keep an eye out for my write-up soon.

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