Mirror’s Edge: DICE held off on pitching sequel to EA

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 26 August 2013 01:21 GMT

Mirror’s Edge went so many years without a sequel because DICE wasn’t sure what it wanted to do – not because EA wouldn’t fork over the money.

Contrary to conspiracy-happy fan theories of EA holding the much-requested game to hostage, peaking to DICE producer Patrick Bach told VideoGamer the developer itself wasn’t ready.

“The interesting thing is that it’s not about EA blocking DICE, it’s about DICE not – imagine this: it’s your own money. What do you want to bet on? You want to bet on something that you know will be great. You can’t just bet on a name. You need to have like, what’s the concept?” he said.

As EA’s Patrick Söderlund mentioned recently, DICE spent a couple of years going through multiple iterations of ideas before even approaching EA with a pitch.

“Not until we knew what we wanted it to be and felt comfortable we then pitched it to EA. Then usually when we like it, everyone else likes it,” Bach said, describing DICE as the “bad cop” in this scenario – which does have some up sides.

“Then again, we are the development studio with creative freedom, I would argue. We would not try to pitch something that we didn’t believe in, and that takes time. Sometimes you want something but you don’t really believe it will pan out that well.”

The new Mirror’s Edge doesn’t have a release date or official title, and has been described as a reboot, although nobody’s really sure whether it is a sequel, prequel or even in the same genre. Bach didn’t let anything slip, although he did not that “the most important thing you can do is treat your IPs with respect”. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it wouldn’t have been possible on current-gen consoles, apparently.

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