Layton’s next game is a mobile “RPG puzzler”

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 26 August 2013 22:46 GMT

Level-5 has announced the next game in the Layton series, and the retirement of the titular professor has changed a lot more than the protagonist.

The new game is titled Layton 7, and it’s not clear if this means it is to be considered the next entry in the core series, or whether it’s a spin-off and the number refers to the collection of characters you play as.

Level-5 announced Layton 7 during its Vision event yesterday, and according to a translation posted on NeoGAF and supported on other sources, it’s coming to 3DS, Android and iOS.

A role playing puzzle game, Layton 7 has players controlling up to seven characters in a miniature 3D town, which seems to have some sort of sim elements as it carries on without you. There’s some footage below, along with Level 5’s press release blurb.

“Layton 7 is a puzzle game for the new generation that follows in the footsteps of the Professor Layton series, which has now shipped over 15 million units worldwide.

“Players take on various character roles; you may be a taxi driver, a young boy, a dog, a fine lady, a philanthropist, an elderly man, or even a zombie. The player will earn points as they fulfill a given role. But, what is the role of these characters? And what is the greater meaning of these roles to begin with?

“The latest title in the Layton series is shrouded in mystery and is about to begin. The game is being developed for Nintendo 3DS and iOS / Android devices as part of our Uniplay line-up. Release date has yet to be determined.”

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