The Wonderful 101 nearly had an ‘all-star’ Nintendo cast

By Dave Owen, Thursday, 22 August 2013 09:40 GMT

Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya has revealed that The Wonderful 101, an exclusive Wii U title, was almost filled to the brim with Nintendo favourites.

“Originally I got an order from the president of Platinum Games, Tatsuya Minami, asking me to create a game idea that had an all-star cast of Nintendo characters plus characters from other games and that’s how the project started,” Kamiya told VideoGamer. “I thought how I could satisfy everyone and make everyone happy and I came up with the idea of why not having everyone displayed in the game at the same time. That’s where the idea was born.”

The plan was thwarted when the project was temporarily frozen. By the time it came back around, the idea had shifted course.

So we ended up with The Wonderful 101 as we have it today. Here’s what Dave Cook thought about the game. It’s available now on Wii U.

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