Crackdown 3 needs the “right team”, says Spencer

By Dave Owen, Thursday, 22 August 2013 11:18 GMT

It’s been 3 months since we got the first hint of a new Crackdown game at Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal in May. We’ve been waiting for an announcement ever since. Phil Spencer has now all but confirmed that he wants Crackdown 3 to happen, but he wants to find the right team to do it.

Eurogamer took the initiative to ask and got this response:

“When I think about the technology we’re putting into Xbox One specifically around some of the cloud functionality, there’s a real opportunity to take an open world game like Crackdown that allowed you to play with your friends, and roam to all corners of the city and still feel like you’re playing together.

“There’s a real neat opportunity to bring that genre and game forward onto the new generation.”

Spencer then intimated that Microsoft is looking for a new developer to work on Crackdown 3. The previous two games were both developed in Scotland by different teams, the first by now-defunct Realtime Worlds and the second by Ruffian Games. It seems that Spencer would like to find another UK-based team for a new entry.

“There was a nice UK sensibility to the way the game was developed. I think that’s important to the franchise as well.”

Who would you like to see take on Crackdown 3?

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