Battlefield 4 Levolution video shows off dynamic environments and cataclysmic destruction

By Dave Owen, Thursday, 22 August 2013 15:35 GMT

Battlefield 4 is making the most of gamescom this week by showering us with lots of information and slightly jaw-dropping videos. The latest is a video that focuses on what DICE is calling ‘Levolution’ – loosely translated as spectacularly dynamic maps. The video doesn’t show anything that wasn’t seen during EA’s event, but it has some commentary Alexsander Grondal, multiplayer producer for the game.

An accompanying blog explains that the Levolution system started out as prescribed events for each map that would happen automatically when a certain amount of time has elapse. Inspired by all the players who tried to blow up the tower in Battlefield 3 map Caspian Border, DICE decided instead to make the environments as dynamic as possible by maximising player interaction.

Much of the blog post is promotional info. But it is interesting to see them say that Levolution isn’t just about the spectacle – they want the dynamic events to have a real impact on gameplay. The blog uses the famous example of the toppling Shanghai skyscraper. There will be pros and cons to bringing it down that must be considered as a team before making a move. They’ve also strived to make it so that events won’t always affect every type of player on the map. The skyscraper falling is unlikely to affect a pilot cruising around in a jet, for example (unless he gets hit by it somehow).

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