Batman: Arkham Origins set in ‘year two’ of canon, ‘1 vs 100’ mode shown

By Dave Owen, Thursday, 22 August 2013 10:09 GMT

It’s been revealed that Batman: Arkham Asylum will take place in year two of the canon, which means he’s still a wanted man. We’ve also had a sneak peak at the new 1 vs 100 game mode.

Creative director Eric Holmes told VG247 that the game is set in year two, when Batman is not yet aligned with Gordon and the cops. The cops are all corrupt, and Gotham is absolutely riddled with crime.

We were shown a demo that takes place on Gotham bridge. Batman chases after Firefly, who has just bombed the bridge in order to lure Bats out so that he can claim Black Mask’s $50 million bounty on Batman’s head.

We also saw Batman’s new electric glove gadget that dramatically increases attack power, unlocks new combative moves, and can be recharged by punching goons with shock sticks to keep a combo flowing. They can also hit through enemy shields.

The game will show Batman’s first meeting with the Joker, but the lovable villain isn’t the primary antagonist this time around.

The new 1 vs 100 mode is a battle for survival against 100 goons. You can take on the challenge as either Batman or Deathstroke. We played as Deathstroke, and found him to play slower than Batman. He makes use of an arsenal including a staff, pistols, and proximity bombs.

It was confirmed that the core campaign will have a New Game+ too.

VG247 will have a big interview about everything Arkham Origins up on the site soon.

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