Rocksmith 2014 will be a ‘completely different game.’

By Dave Owen, Wednesday, 21 August 2013 10:33 GMT

According to Ubisoft, the sequel to their rock’n’roll music game Rocksmith has undergone so many changes from the original that it’s a “completely different game.”

Creative director spoke to Polygon about the sequel. He’s been listening to player feedback and analysing player data to make sure the sequel gives them what they really want.

This starts with a revamped user interface, which offers simple menus and clearly labelled lessons. Players can now easily scroll through all the game’s available tracks and 85 lessons.

The lessons now contain high-quality videos of a teacher performing the action to show players what they’re meant to be doing. This is coupled with more responsive teacher AI.

“In Rocksmith, it was good at telling you when you were doing stuff wrong, but it didn’t tell you what you were doing wrong,” Cross said. “So now it looks at what you’re doing wrong. So if you play the right note but you didn’t do a bend, it will tell you that. It will tell you if you’re not sliding far enough, or if you need to play faster. It’s really, really helpful, and it’s a huge improvement on the first game.”

The game will also feature sliders to adjust the difficulty of individual tracks. “The reason we added dynamic difficulty is because people get bored as hell on easy, but they can’t play medium,” Cross. said. “They need all the bits in between, and for them to go choose a difficulty from a list, it’s never going to work.

“So we let them see the changes they’re making to a song’s difficulty and see what they’re being asked to do. It’s huge for us.”

Rocksmith 2014 is on course for an October launch.

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