EverQuest Next – Landmark characters can be imported to core game

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 21 August 2013 23:21 GMT

Characters created for world-builder EverQuest Next – Landmark can be imported into MMORPG EverQuest Next when it launches further down the track.

Thew news comes from director of development Dave Georgeson, speaking in a gamescom livestream, as reported by EQHammer.

Players begin by customising a character, including selecting a class; Georgeson said this should allow users to familiarise themselves with the class they’ve chosen in preparation for multi-classing in EverQuest Next. As the MMORPG has more than 40 classes, that’s probably a wise move.

Play begins in a “landmark” location – a central hub which is easily recognisable thanks to a monument. Landmarks should become social hubs, and players can travel between them using wizard’s spires. A ley line network will also allow for point-to-point travel.

There will be five to six environments to explore, and mounts will be available, as well as the parkour-like “heroic movement”. Once out in the wilderness, players can select a spot to build in, planting one or more claims and linking them together somehow. You can build co-operatively by changing the permissions on your claim, and even terraform the landscape around it. Players will then gather resources which can be sold at open-air markets, or crafting using resources and tools. Tool quality will affect item quality, but better tools can be crafted, too. Really interesting structures have a chance of being selected for inclusion in EverQuest Next.

Landmark is a true MMO, Georegeson said, not just an exploration game. As such, it’ll have tiered content, a friends list, guilds, text and VoIP chat, SOEMote, leaderboards on which players can vote for structures, and a video tool for recording your construction in time lapse.

It will fully support SOE’s Player Studio, including an achievement system, filters, a follow system, the ability to sell your claim as real estate, and more still to be announced.

EverQuest Next and the free-to-play Landmark have not been dated, but Sony Online Entertainment is taking beta applications.

Thanks, TenTonHammer.

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