The Division has Xbox One exclusive content after all

By Dave Owen, Tuesday, 20 August 2013 12:03 GMT

Microsoft has announced at its Gamescom press conference that The Division will receive exclusive content on Xbox One “before and after” the game’s launch. The news comes only a week after game director Ryan Howard said there would be no unique features for any particular version.

The online third-person tactical shooter is in development at Ubisoft Massive for Xbox One, PS4, and, as was also just announced, PC. There’s no word on what the exclusive content will be, nor whether it will be timed DLC or entirely unique features.

This goes against what we reported last week, when Ryan Bernard told OXM when asked about the possibility of exclusive content. He said: “Currently, right now, because we’re releasing for both platforms, we want the best game experience for both. We’re not planning specific content or specific unique, I guess, elements for either platform.

“We have a long development cycle, and who knows what will happen by the time the game’s released? But at the time, currently we’re not planning anything unique.”

It seems that a lot can change in a week.

Thanks, CVG.

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