Carmack keen on mobile SDK for Oculus Rift

By Dave Owen, Tuesday, 20 August 2013 09:53 GMT

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset could soon have Android support. John Carmack, the new CTO of Oculus, is working on the Rift’s SDK and is really pushing the company’s mobile effort.

It’s been known since June that the company was looking to provide mobile compatibility with Oculus headsets, and more info has emerged from GDC Europe that suggests Android support could be coming soon.

Speaking at GDC, Oculus VP of product Nate Mitchell told an audience that Carmack is hard at work on the Rift SDK. “He’s got a ridiculous amount of good ideas that he’s working into the SDK,” said Mitchell. “Especially around mobile, frankly.”

With android support as a firm goal, questions arose about the possibility of iOS support. Mitchell explained that this was problematic due to the iOS being far less flexible with peripherals than Android.

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