Players “have something to lose”: PvP is The Division’s hook, says Massive

By Phil Owen, Saturday, 17 August 2013 19:15 GMT

While not detailing exactly what this means — although it’s pretty easy to guess — Ubisoft Massive’s Ryan Bernard told OXMUK that what differentiates The Division from other MMOs is its player-versus-player action.

“You know, everyone’s like, hitting these [big open-world] buttons with the different games that are coming out now,” Bernard said. “And, so, you’ve got to have a hook for your game, and how we’re handling PvP is ours.

“We want player versus player to be meaningful, and the way player versus player gets meaningful is you need to have something to lose – it’s not just a scorecard in a multiplayer map.”

Since we’re all probably familiar with Day Z by now we know that means player death is accompanied by gear loss, though OXM says there is a way of recovering said gear.

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