Dragon Age: Inquisition delay allowed for multiple playable races, says BioWare

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 15 August 2013 09:55 GMT

Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t delayed as such, but the unannounced release date was pushed back before Bioware publicly revealed an Autumn 2014 launch window. The team has shed light on this extra year of development has given rise to multiple player races based on feedback from fans.

Speaking with Game Informer in a video interview, executive producer Mark Darrah explained how the date shift allowed more time for different playable races. “Because we moved the date we were able to bring it back,” he said. “We basically just had the time necessary to bring it back.”

According to series creative director Mike Laidlaw, the decision was “100 per cent” based on fan feedback and based on what members of the BioWare team wanted to see brought back.

“Why didn’t we bring it up?” he added of the release window shift. “We wanted to make sure it was locked down; we wanted to make sure our homework was done so we could commit to it and people could, with absolute enthusiasm, get ready for elf or dwarf or whatever.”

As a result, at least Humans, elves and dwarves will be playable races in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Fan-favourite Morrigan will not be a party member however.

Let us know what you think of the decision below.

Via Eurogamer.

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