Elder Scrolls Online will have frequent DLC after launch, says Zenimax

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 13 August 2013 11:48 GMT

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up towards an early 2014 launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but developer Zenimax Online Studios won’t be stopping there. The team has confirmed it is keen to deliver a frequent stream of DLC after launch.

Seriously dudes send me a beta invite already

Speaking with ShackNews, creative director Paul Sage said, “We watch everybody in the market, but I’m a big proponent personally of making sure we keep a high frequency of content releases. A big part of our plans is the future of the game.

“We always want to make sure there is something new right around the corner. Our plan is to have new content coming out on a really frequent basis. We want to make sure that people are really into the game and get to experience a lot of new things.

“We will have a lot of content at release, but I know that players are amazing in their ability to chew through content quickly, so we want to make sure there is a constant stream of goodies coming to them.”

“The more frequently you update, the more the players like it. Players are more engaged. I think it is an issue of trust in a lot of ways. They know there is going to be a lot of new content coming in.”

Ultimately, this post-launch content will broaden The Elder Scrolls Online’s core story. Sage explained, “We’ve talked about Molag Bol stealing your soul at the start of the game, but that’s a launching point. You’ll wrap up the main story in The Elder Scrolls Online at release and that leads into an even bigger story.”

It comes as MMOs are entering something of a content arms race to ensure players don’t jump ship for other titles. I recently discussed this with Wildstar developer Carbine, and you can find out what they told me here.

Are you looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online? Does a constant content stream sound smart to you? Let us know below.

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