Xbox One controller has 40 different improvements, new video discusses them

By Dave Cook, Monday, 12 August 2013 17:08 GMT

Microsoft has published a new video in which Xbox community mouthpiece Larry Hyrb and Xbox One general manager Zulfi Alam discuss the creation of the console’s brand-new controller.

The controller is confirmed as having haptic feedback, advanced rumble motors, and a more comfortable design.

There is also a USB input on the back of the pad, which gives consumers the option of playing either wired or wireless. When wired, all of the data between console and controller travels through the USB port, instead of over wireless.

Alam confirmed that the pad’s wireless bandwidth is 20x more than the Xbox 360 controller. The latency has now been reduced to milliseconds between pressing a button in wireless mode and having it impact your game on-screen.

The pad also has IR LEDs so that the system knows – thanks to Kinect – who is holding the pad. The Xbox One automatically shifters gamers profiles depending on who is handling it.

What do you make of the Xbox One controller so far? Let us know below.

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