IGF 2014 submissions open, categories reshuffled

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 9 August 2013 02:14 GMT

A few changes have been made to this year’s Independent Games Festival, resulting in more finalists but one less category.

As detailed on Gamasutra, the Technical Excellence category has been axed.

“The rise of widespread, affordable middleware has, if not leveled the playing field, then at least given many equal footing from which to begin,” IGF chairman Brandon Boyer explained.

“While there are still obviously innovative and enormously creative uses of all middleware and homegrown technologies, we believe that other award categories will showcase games whose technology serves their gameplay, and agree with many that it’s time to retire the category.”

Because it has reduced the number of categories, the IGF feels able to expand the number of finalists in each remaining category from five to six.

The IGF is now taking submissions, with winners to be announced at GDC 2014.

This year’s IGF was a great show, with FTL and Cart Life scoring big. Meanwhile, the event’s mainstream equivalent, the GDC Awards, were utterly swept by Journey.

Thanks, Polygon.

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