Spencer on Xbox One line-up, 360 supported for “years”

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 8 August 2013 13:10 GMT

Xbox One’s game line-up has been discussed in detail by Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer.

Microsoft will apparently reveal one new Xbox One title at gamescom in a matter of weeks, but details are thin on the ground. Take it with some salt.

Speaking with OXM, Spencer and the site ran down several Xbox One titles one-by-one to discuss why they are important to the console’s success.

On Forza 5 he began, “We knew that racing was going to be really important to Xbox One. For Sony, for us, for Nintendo with Mario Kart – it’s just a massive category. We built Turn 10 from the ground up and it was bumpy at the beginning.

“Forza one was a nice game, but it was about six months late, Forza 2 had similar problems hitting dates – but the quality was always there. It has grown into a true first-party studio, in that the team think about all aspects of the platform and how they can really leverage them.”

On the growth of studio Turn10 and what it strives for he added, “You see a studio diving in deep, for a core gamer, for a racing fan, what do I really care about in terms of the racing franchise? Well I care about realism, I care about immersion, I care about the sound.

“They just really are embracing what it means to take the full fidelity of the box and bring it to mark and we want to be there day one. Which is sometimes a crazy endeavour for a studio to try, but they have their army hats on and they’re going to do that.”

On Quantum Break, OXM asked Spencer how the game impacts the show, and followed by saying that it couldn’t see how the show could impact the game. Replying to the question, Spencer said, “Yeah, because today, television is one-way. So ignore this game for a second, let me just talk about where I think TV is going to go.

“The reason we’re investing in TV is that over the last ten years we’ve seen how games change when they’re connected to the internet. It wasn’t just multiplayer games – we were all playing Quake before the Xbox came out so we knew what multiplayer games looked like.

“Friends; we knew it was cool to play with people we know. But now I knew what my friends were doing. We added Achievements. Games now are actually services unto themselves, like League of Legends on PC. Television, even without this game, will be more interactive.”

On whether or not Microsoft would announce any new Xbox One games ahead of launch, Spencer said, “We’ll have to see. We have more announcements. I like to say game development is a journey. Things take time, so I want to make sure that when we announce things we really know what they are. I’ll say we’re signing things, and when we want to announce them is different.”

Finally, the site said it was still holding out hope for Crackdown 3, to which Spencer replied, “I’m going to bite my tongue.”

What do you make of the above?

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