Driveclub’s car handling isn’t pure simulation explains dev

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 8 August 2013 12:28 GMT

Driveclub’s car handling, “sits in the middle between simulation and arcade” according to the game’s design director Paul Rustchynsky, who has shed new light on how it feels to hit the road in Evolution Studio’s PS4 debut.

Speaking with The Guardian, Rustchynsky said of the game’s handling, “It sits in the middle between simulation and arcade. It’s grounded in realism, so the cars have a sense of weight, a tactile feel with the road, but we want to make sure it’s easy to throw them around the corners, it’s all about having fun with the cars.

“But there is a lot of depth – you want to shave milliseconds of your lap times, you can do that. But players can pick up the pad and hammer the throttle, the intricacies can be picked up later.”

While Driveclub isn’t a pure racing sim, Rustchynsky stressed that it didn’t want to wrench total control away from players with stacks of assists. He added, “You have to be careful of taking control away from the player.

“We’ve had feedback from professional drivers, we’ve had people come in from the manufacturers … it’s always about making sure we have a clear focus; we want to make sure players can feel what the car is doing while maintaining full control.

“We’ve spent a lot of time refining how we deal with player inputs. If the player throws a car around the corner then touches the stick in the other direction we need to know how much opposite lock to give them at that time. Give them too much, they’ll spin, too little and they’ll under-steer. It’s just all about refining and iterating. We feel we have the sweet spot now.”

Where do you think this ‘sweet spot’ lies for you, personally? Let us know below.

Driveclub is a PS4-exclusive title and will be available at launch.

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