Below is a timed Xbox One exclusive

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 8 August 2013 23:27 GMT

Capybara Games has confirmed its rogue-like Below will be exclusive to Xbox One for a limited time only before heading to other platforms.

Caybara made the confirmation in a post on the developer’s website, and had nothing but praise for Microsoft.

“Like many games on [Microsoft’s] stage at E3, Below will be available on the Xbox One first. Then, after a period of time, CAPY can bring it elsewhere. It’s always been this way,” the team said.

“We’ve said it many times before, but it is worth repeating: working with Microsoft Studios has been great, and they deserve real kudos for putting our dreamy roguelike-inspired game of exploration and discovery in the spotlight at E3, and we are certain they’ll continue to do more of that going forward.

“This clarification is about answering our fans, and shouldn’t reflect negatively on Microsoft or Xbox One – they’ve been the biggest CAPY supporters out there. The Xbox 360 has been a great home for marquee downloadable games, and we believe this is something that will continue, and grow, over the years on Xbox One.”

Below was announced via a teaser trailer during Microsoft’s E3 2013 presentation. Questions of its exclusivity were raised thanks to its use of Kinect technology to craft a unique experience for each players based on the layout of the room.

We don’t know much else about Below except it has an open world, is a bit moody, includes an antagonist called Darkness, and involves loot.

Capybara Games was behind Critter Crunch, Super TIME Force and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. It co-developed Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

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