Xbox Enforcement United now in beta, asks community to moderate

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 2 August 2013 01:24 GMT

Microsoft has released more details of its new community moderation system, with which it hopes to crack down on ‘cheats and jerks’ by corralling them together, away from the rest of us. Take part to earn points and rewards on Xbox Community Level.

Microsoft has been drip-feeding information on the system, which will bracket players based on their reputation, with rulings handed out by community members and then compiled by an automated process.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Xbox Live policy and enforcement director Glenn Kaleta announced that Xbox Enforcement United is now in beta.

The system is designed to help the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team, which processes “thousands” of complaints per day.

“Many of them require relatively simple judgment calls like whether a Gamertag or profile content abides by the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. That’s where the Enforcement United beta program comes in,” he said.

“Members who join the Enforcement United beta will participate by providing their opinions on whether particular content, initially Gamertags, violate the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. These decisions from participants feed into an algorithm our team developed.

“That algorithm takes several factors into account like how many participants believe there had been a violation and how reliably those individual members’ historical decisions aligned with the general consensus. The system can then determine whether or not to apply an enforcement action like requiring a Gamertag change, or if the complaint should be escalated for one of our enforcers to review more closely.”

Kaleta said the system includes “a series of carefully designed controls so no individual participant can wield unchecked power over another” and that it continually calibrates itself “to understand how reliable the data is and the sources it comes from” – so trolls should be quashed quite quickly.

If you’re an Xbox Live Ambassador, you can register to take part in the beta; Xbox Enforcement United will be opened to general members when it officially launches in a few months.

Contributing to Xbox Enforcement United will help earn points for yet another newly-launched system called Xbox Community Level. Xbox Live members can apply to join this site and earn rewards and recognition for programs like Enforcement United beta and Xbox Live Ambassadors. Hit the link for more details on that.

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