World of Warcraft gets several new premium cosmetic items

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 25 July 2013 23:27 GMT

A handful of entirely playful items have been added to the Blizzard Store, which offer you absolutely no advantage in World of Warcraft.

The most interesting additions are two new limited use items. TenTonHammer reports you’ll be able to pick up a Seesaw toy, which lets you and one fellow party member attempt to knock each other off a teeter-totter set.

The second new limited use item is the Iron Hitching Post, which is accessible by as many party members as you can gather; placing it on the ground allows everyone to mount up on ghostly iron horses. It can be used in the Battlegrounds but is entirely cosmetic.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has also added three cosmetic helms designed for Transmogrification. The helms have no stats or restrictions, and work with every armour type.

It’s up to you which look you prefer – there’s a horned effort with flames, an icy, face-masking skull, and a black-and-red-hood with glowing eyes.

Check out the new items on the Blizzard Store.

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