The ESA somehow spends more cash lobbying the US government than the NRA does — at least officially

By Phil Owen, Wednesday, 17 July 2013 03:47 GMT

Despite the fact that gun debates within the US government basically don’t happen while it took the Supreme Court to decide that the creation of video games is protected by the freedom of expression, the Entertainment Software Association managed to beat the National Rifle Association in lobbying bills last year, $4.8 million to $3 million, notes GamesIndustry International. The why of this is inside.

“You can report everything you do as lobbying, but the requirement to do so is much more limited,” said head of the Independent Firearm Owners Association Richard J. Feldman. “If you send money or have a flier urging support of, say, Senate Bill 25, it’s lobbying. If you send fliers talking about the issue but not the specific bill, it’s not lobbying… So I might think I’m lobbying. You might think I’m lobbying. But I’m not required to report it unless I’m lobbying for specific legislation.”

Meanwhile, the NRA does of course wildly outspend the ESA in political contributions and political marketing, or outside spending, the latter of which the ESA does none. GI has a massive feature on the NRA vs. the ESA, and it’s all ridiculously informative, so you should give it a read here.

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