SpyParty opens early access beta registration for $15

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 5 June 2013 00:41 GMT

You can now buy your way into the closely-guarded SpyParty beta, netting yourself a copy of the finished game in the process.

After two years of random beta participant selection, Chris Hecker has finally opened the testing to all comers – for a price.

To get on board, you’ll need to register on the game’s website, fork over $15 via PayPal, and verify your email. That’s it. You’ll then have access to what has heretofore been one of the most exclusive clubs in gaming.

Buying into the beta includes a copy of the finished game, and all updates, but won’t keep you from being banned if you “act like a jerk”. If you’re super keen, you can donate a little extra to help cover development costs.

The influx of newbies is likely to find itself a bit lost, but Hecker described the existing community as “friendly and helpful” towards new players.

The paid beta scheme was first announced in August 2011 but like all things SpyParty took a while to come to fruition. It’s not clear when the asymmetrical, multiplayer sim will launch; there are plans for a major visual transformation as well as new maps and missions, spectating, replays and more.

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