A Hat in Time: Kickstarter platform game gives off a Wind Waker vibe

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 30 May 2013 08:44 GMT

A Hat in Time is the charming indie platformer from Danish studio Gears for Breakfast, and it comes with a similar visual style to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Check out some gameplay inside.

The Kickstarter campaign has 29 days to go and has so far amassed $13,994 of its $30,000 goal, despite launching yesterday. The game is slated for release on PC and Mac, with a possible Wii U edition in the pipe. It should be out early 2014.

It’s been billed as a collect-a-thon in a similar style to Banjo Kazooie and other Nintendo 64 classics, together with time control mechanics, and an umbrella which can be used to batter enemies. It’s set in a city overrun by Mafia baddies, and it’s all looking rather whimsical.

We’ve got screens below, but let us know what you think of the project below.

Thanks AGB.

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