Prescursor Games staffed entirely by Silicon Knights veterans

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 16 May 2013 00:33 GMT

Athough Shadow of the Etenerals developer Precursor Games insists it has no connection to Silicon Knights, it has admitted that all of its staff once worked at the Eternal darkness and Too Human studio.

Precursor CEO Paul Caporicci confirmed with Eurogamer that every staff member had once worked at Silicon Knights.

“At some point in time, yes they were all there,” he said.

He later confirmed that staff had not worked in other jobs between Silicon Knights and Precursor Games.

“When I was laid off [from Silicon Knights], I ended up doing some soul searching thinking, ‘what should I do next with my career?'” the executive said,

“The video game industry is pretty tough and it goes through a lot of changes, but I saw an opportunity there with all the talented people that I had worked with, so I thought ‘let’s try something new and different and start from scratch.’ And that’s when I started reaching out to people.”

Caporicci reiterated that the two companies have no connection. “They’re a totally separate company from us,” he said.

The relationship between precursor Games and Silicon Knights has drawn scrutiny as the latter is liable for a whopping $9 million thanks to a lawsuit with Epic, and has also been asked some hard questions about where government funding has gone. Additionally, Precursor purchased a bunch of assets from Silicon Knights, although it was ordered to wipe any harddrives so obtained, so it could not capitalise on development materials contracted to other companies.

Silicon Knights is said to be still alive, but barely. Former leader Deinis Dyack has left, to become creative director of Precursor.

Precursor is crowdfunding a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Silicon Knights’ most popular title.

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