Killer is Dead first run bonuses detailed a bit more

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 16 May 2013 13:59 GMT

Grasshopper Manufacture has provided more details on the first run bonuses for Killer is Dead, which for now seem to be for Japan only.

Last week we told you about Betty, one of the “Mondo Girls” in the game which are courted by Mondo Zappa during Gigolo Mode missions. Betty, according to Gematsu, is a 256-year-old vampire whose favorite item on the menu is strong men. Look out Mondo, this one is a beast. Literally.

Other bonuses include Episode 51: The Man Who Stole the Blood, which also featured Betty. This mission has the same length as other large missions in the game, and takes place in a foggy area in which an old castle is situation. In this mission a mysterious man who seems rather dangerous has appeared, and considering the title of the mission, it’s not hard to deduce what it’s about, really.

There’s also the Super Mondo Eye, which is a pair of Gigolo Glasses in which Mondo can see through his Mondo Girlst’ clothes in order to look at her heart. These glasses cannot be broken by upset ladies, and according to the information posted, “you’ll be able to see through to one’s body and heart as much as you’d like.”

Sounds a bit perverted, but, that could just be the way my mind is taking it. Maybe you look to see if her heart is pure or black as a chasm.

Killer is Dead is due in August on PS3 and Xbox 360, and will be published in Japan by Kadokawa Games, in North America by XSEED, and Deep Silver in Europe.

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