Project Awakened dev explains why it scrapped its crowd-funding drive

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 7 May 2013 12:36 GMT

Project Awakened developer Phosphor Games recently axed its crowd-funding drive, in light of “alternative funding options”. Studio CEO Justin Corcoran has now explained why it decided to nuke its campaign.

The team’s Kickstarter campaign failed after hitting just $338,498 of its $500,000 funding goal.

Speaking with Polygon, Corcoran said that Phosphor Games had explored private funding campaigns for its open-world superhero romp in – as he said – “Response to a lot of requests to try a plan B.”

He added, “But, we said at the start that we only had until the beginning of May to decide to either put a team on Project Awakened if it was funded, or something else that would provide revenue for the studio.

“We were winding down on the private campaign and not looking close to making it, the decision had to be made to get people working on other stuff that was waiting, and the alternative funding discussions were going to need a long time to see through. So, with all that combined, we decided to close down the campaign and get everyone back their money.”

Despite the funding drive’s collapse, Cocoran explained that it has made thousands of gamers aware of the project’s existence, which bodes well for the game moving forward.

He continued, “We have thousands of people that are supporting Project Awakened, excited for it to come out some day. We have had a number of potential investor come forward to start the conversation about possibly backing development. These conversations are most often long, and never a guarantee, but it’s great that the community response has helped shine light on the game to even make it a possibility.”

“That is the core of Project Awakened — Phosphor wants to make something amazing with the community, an action game experience like nothing before it. These past few months have already started us down that path with the players, and while we are a bit beat up, we are not defeated. Someday, somehow, we will make this game.”

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