Nintendo messages old Wii users, stresses that Wii U is ‘not just an upgrade’

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 2 May 2013 09:05 GMT

Nintendo has sent messages to owners of the original Wii, stating that the Wii U is not just an upgraded edition of the console, and that the new rig will “Change the way you and your family experience games and entertainment.”

IGN reports that the message has been sent using the console’s WiiConnect24 channel, which reads, “Did you know that you can play nearly all of your existing Wii games on Wii U? Your Wii controllers and many Wii accessories can also be used with a new Wii U console — along with any downloaded games, save data, and other info stored in your existing Wii console.

“Wii U is the all-new home console from Nintendo. It’s not just an upgrade — it’s an entirely new system that will change the way you and your family experience games and entertainment. The second screen on the included Wii U GamePad controller enables never-before-seen ways to play games and enjoy TV. And for the first time ever, you can see Mario and your favorite Nintendo franchises in glorious HD.”

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata shed light on the company’s recent financial report.

Last week, he stated that low sales of Wii U were down to a lack of communication to consumers, and that the business would improve its approach moving forward. This messaging spree could be the start of a new awareness campaign to try and boost Wii U sales.

What do you think of the above tactic? Does communication need to be improved? Let us know below.

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