Quantic Dream doesn’t make sequels, but it does have a franchise

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 30 April 2013 03:15 GMT

Hearvy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream does not do sequels – and yet it considers its body of work to be one sprawling franchise.

Speaking to Gamespot at the Tribeca Film Festival, co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere reiterated the message that Quantic Dream just isn’t keen on sequels for story reasons.

“We are not fundamentally against sequels. We haven’t done it before because the stories we wanted to tell were basically finished,” he said.

“Ethan Mars loses another son? You know, it just doesn’t make sense.”

That said, Quantic Dream does have a franchise – a brand with several games.

“We think the franchise is Quantic Dream and David Cage. And this is what we are trying to accomplish game after game,” the executive said.

“You see this progression and [fans] are following us. And so the brand is really Quantic and David Cage and that’s what we really push forward. Hopefully it works.”

Quantic Dream’s next game, Beyond: Two Souls, is due in October, exclusively on PlayStation 3. Its past games include Omnikron: The Nomad Soul, Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, otherwise known as Fahrenheit.

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Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage

Guillaume De Fondaumiere

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