EA can indeed do better, says Worst Company poll organiser

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 9 April 2013 03:49 GMT

The Consumerist, which hosts the Worst Company in America poll, has challenged EA COO Peter Moore’s assertion that the publisher’s advance through to the final ranks of the elimination system is somewhat unfair.

Moore had said that many of EA’s votes last year, when it won the rusty crown, were driven by dissatisfaction with Mass Effect 3’s ending and mistaken belief that it supported SOPA.

The Consumerist said its own analysis suggested otherwise, pointing to consumer dissatisfaction with microtransactions, online passes and the like, as voiced by comments on gaming news sites, as evidence of larger issues.

It also asked EA to provide evidence for claims that this year’s voting is being pushed by anger over the Madden NFL cover athlete and conservative reaction against LGBT content in games, saying it had seen no proof.

EA has reached the final bracket and is facing off against Bank of America. Voting closes at midnight ET.

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