Castle Doctrine’s in-game security cameras catch cheaters, bans served

By Dave Cook, Friday, 15 March 2013 11:24 GMT

The Castle Doctrine is a game about robbing the homes of other players. You can set up security cameras that record footage of perps breaking and entering your virtual home, but the developer has used them to catch and ban cheaters during its alpha trial.

Polygon, reports that the game’s developer Jason Rohrer issued an email to the community to explain the matter.

“The security tapes were originally in the game just for me to catch cheaters,” he explained. “But I thought that they were so interesting to watch that I made them part of the game. Though [cheating] is impossible to PREVENT (even with a closed-source game), it is easy to catch, because everything is recorded. The great thing about security tapes is that they catch people in the act.”

You never see other players in the MMO, but you will want to rob their crafted homes when they’re offline. That’s the gamble of course – when you log off you’re leaving your home at risk. It’s all very curious and neat.

Cheaters were caught on film using hacks to walk through walks and defences. Good riddance it seems.

You can play The Castle Doctrine alpha now for $8. Just grab it here.

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