The 7th Guest: 3 is absolutely in production for mobile and computers

By Phil Owen, Wednesday, 6 March 2013 23:12 GMT

Remember Trilobyte? They made The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour way back in the day. They made a comeback with The 7th Guest on iOS along with a spinoff app. Now they’re building a sequel to that series for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. My goodness.

The 7th Guest was was a puzzle game similar to Myst that contained a fully 3D world you could move around in as opposed to Myst’s static screens. It was a huge success for a PC game in the early 90s that was only available on CD-ROM. Then, of course, came its sequel, The 11th Hour, which was not a financial success.

The 7th Guest: 3 will return us to the Stauf Mansion, said Trilobyte’s Charlie McHenry to Polygon. The mansion will be packed with new games and puzzles, and naturally it will still be haunted.

McHenry says the team working on the game is made up of a mixture of series veterans and new folks, and they hope to complete the project next year. They’re still working on securing funding, and they may do a Kickstarter next month. I can only assume that would work out well, given what happened with Torment today as a precedent for revivals of old series.

Who’s pumped? Are you pumped? If they do open a Kickstarter, would you fund it?

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The 7th Guest

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