Wii Street U gets the “Iwata Asks” treatment, reveals Google Maps’s insane attention to detail

By Dave Cook, Monday, 18 February 2013 11:44 GMT

Wii Street U is the incoming Google Maps app for Nintendo’s console. It’s the subject of this week’s edition of “Iwata Asks”, a panel session featuring developers and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself. The session has revealed Google’s incredible level of detail. They’ve even mapped the sky this time.

The “Iwata Asks” session talks about Wii Street U’s functionality and sees the team demonstrating the app in person.

The first clip shows the team looking up at the sky, showing off Google’s improved vertical mapping. The decision came from the team, after learning that many people like to look up in the sky. We’ll take their word for that.

Google has gone all-out in mapping some locations, such as NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Centre. The second clip shows the team looking around shuttle hangers and getting up close to rockets. It begs some questions about security, but it’s rather neat.

Check out more clips and Wii Street U chatter here.

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