Resident Evil 1.5 fan project now playable online, see it here

By Dave Cook, Monday, 18 February 2013 12:12 GMT

Resident Evil 1.5 was the cancelled Capcom game that never saw the light of day. But after a year of development, fans have finally restored the title and released a playable version in to the wild.

Kotaku reports that fans who got their hands on the game’s code spent almost a year translating and fixing the scrapped build to make it playable.

The group has now released its work-in-progress build for free after it learned of another gamer trying to sell Capcom’s buggy code on eBay.

The ISO is apparently quite unstable at the moment, but bear in mind that it is still being worked on.

The team’s project leader, going by the handle B.Zork said in a forum post, “This here is an ISO of our work-in-progress build of the Resident Evil 1.5 restoration project. It is not representative of the current state of development of the non-profit restoration fan-project.

“People attempting to profit on our non-profit efforts, and both our personal and monitary investments is something we cannot stand for and is something we feel greatly taints the Resident Evil community, the prototype community, the archival and preservation of video game history, the integrity and face value of people, and our goal and intentions for this here restoration project.

“While we cannot speak on behalf of Capcom, we do believe that charging money for illegal and unsanctioned duplication of their data is something that should be frowned upon and avoided at all costs.”

Here are two clips of the fan project in action:

Thanks Eurogamer.

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