Eidos Montreal to reveal unannounced project in ‘coming months’ – rumour

By Dave Cook, Monday, 18 February 2013 08:44 GMT

Thief 4 has been rumoured as in-development at Eidos Montreal for some time, yet there hasn’t been a peep about it for ages. The LinkedIn CV of an employee at the studio may hint at an upcoming reveal.

I’ve flagged this as rumour as there’s no way of verifying it at present, but intrepid internet snooper Superannuation posted a link to the LinkedIn CV of Alexandre Richer,
generalist/UI programmer at Ubisoft.

Previously Richer worked at Eidos Montreal, having left his role in January this year. Under his listed projects and work experience he wrote the following:

Note the line, “More details to come within the upcoming months.” This could hint at the studio’s involvement its long-rumoured Thief 4 project. Word on the street is the game is in development for PS4 and Xbox 720.

The rumour mill was also kicked into overdrive when this alleged Thief 4 cinematic was found in the wild.

With the reveal of PS4 happening this Wednesday and Xbox 720 billed for a holiday season 2013 release, Richer’s profile does seem timely.

What do you think?

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