BattleBlock Theatre multiplayer modes detailed by The Behemoth

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 14 February 2013 08:18 GMT

BattleBlock Theater is the next game coming from Castle Crashers studio The Behemoth. it’s been a long time coming from the indie outfit, and following a run of radio silence the team has shed new light on the game’s multiplayer modes.

The update comes as the game’s closed beta is due to kick off later this month. Over on The Behemoth Dev Blog, the studio confirmed right multiplayer arena modes, but cautioned that they could be changed or even scrapped before the game’s full release.

First up is Soul which sees you battering your opponents for control of their soul. Whoever has another player’s soul the longest wins the round. Muckle is your standard team deathmatch offering, while Challenge is a competitive time attack mode through the game’s main stages.

King of the Hill peppers arenas with golden crown blocks. Whoever stands on them longest wins the match. Color the World starts off in a greyscale arena, and your task is to touch and colour as many of the level’s blocks before the time runs out.

Grab the Gold sees a floating creature spew out gold coins, and whoever grabs the most wins, while Ball Game sees players trying to shoot hoops in baskets dotted around the map.

Finally, Horse is a bit like capture the flag, but instead you have to ride your horse to its stable before your opponent does.

This all sounds insane and very, very fun to me. What do you think?

Thanks MTV.

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