Changes coming to Guild Wars 2 reward, achievement and dungeon systems

By Nick Akerman, Tuesday, 29 January 2013 16:57 GMT

Daniel Merriweather once sang “Ain’t nothing gonna change.” He obviously wasn’t talking about Guild Wars 2, which is set to receive a sprucing up. Dungeons, reward systems and achievement structures are in the spotlight this time.

Robert Hrouda, content manager on the game, discussed plenty of changes to dungeon mechanics in a recent blog post.

Players can no longer use Waypoints in dungeons unless their party has been slaughtered or exited battle. The “res-rushing” mechanic is also being completely wiped from the game.

Game designer Matt Wuerffel also described upcoming changes to the rewards and achievement system. In his blog post, it is revealed players will now receive a new currency -known as the laurel- when completing daily achievements. One laurel will be earned every day you complete the task, with 10 being awarded if you complete your monthly achievement category.

The achievement system will also be updated with a new user interface and other tweaks. A new reward structure is coming “down the road”.

Cheers, Joystiq.

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