Dustforce dev details upcoming shooter

By Nick Akerman, Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:20 GMT

Hitbox Team, the developers behind 2012 platformer Dustforce, has revealed the first information surrounding their upcoming shooter.

Known as Spire, this title was originally teased six months ago. Woodley Nye from Hitbox has revealed snippets of information via a blog post. It seems the game focuses on working your way up a “monolithic tower of unknown origin.”

Nye indicates the game features run-time generated levels. He says, “from the placement of the books on a shelf to the shape of the walls and floors [everything] will be generated with intention.” Sounds creepy.

Players can also expect to use “walljumps, wall sliding, and other advanced techniques. The level generation will result in scenes that demand mastery of all sorts of skills, not just running and aiming.”

Thanks, IndieGames.

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Hitbox Team

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