Skullgirls DLC and Xbox 360 patch stymied, PC port and sequel likely

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 16 January 2013 02:39 GMT

Skullgirls received its long-delayed Slightly Different Edition patch on the PlayStation Network in November, but the Xbox 360 version is dragging the chain, being almost 150 times too large to release.

In an exhaustive feature on XBLAFans running down the details of the Skullgirls team’s woes, Lab Zero revealed that the Slightly Different patch weighs in at about 590 MB.

Unfortunately, Xbox Live Arcade’s patch size limit is 4 MB.

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow said the team is working to reduce the size and in negotiations with Microsoft. Although the patch’s status is “still in flux” he believes it will release sooner rather than later.

Apart from working on the patch, Lab Zero’s “priority is getting the PC version out, and hoping that increases the install base and provides the financial justification to release more characters”, Bartholemew said, referring to shelved plans for DLC characters.

“We all really want to make DLC characters, but it’s expensive and time-consuming. The first mysterious character was about one third complete when we were laid off. But between the attach rate for DLC and the loss of momentum caused by the drama, recouping the development costs or profiting seem difficult.”

Nevertheless, publisher Autumn Games has greenlit a sequel to the indie fighter – assuming it weathers a $15 million lawsuit.

Hit the link above to read all about the Skullgirls “drama”; it’s an unusual and interesting story.

Thanks, Shoryuken.

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