Monkey Island’s insult sword-fighting is free for all

By Stace Harman, Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:15 GMT

The classic insult sword-fighting section from The Secret of Monkey Island has been coded to work in web browsers by a well-meaning modder named Karza. Grab the link through the break.

Now you can re-live the insult sword-fighting section from The Secret of Monkey Island without any prior use of a rubber chicken or having to slave away at the hooks of an ornithophobic teacher.

A modder named Karza has made the insult sword-fighting section available online for free as part of a coding exercise. The mini-game features all of the insults from both original The Secret of Monkey Island and The Curse of Monkey Island.

Karza has also created browser versions of Bubble Bobble, Track & Field and Shadow of the Beast during the process of re-learning HTML and JavaScript.

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